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Constructomics, LLC was established in July 2004 as a privately-owned construction organization, with a simple philosophy: “Service through complete dedication.”  This is the sense of pride and commitment that flows through every layer of our organization.  By combining personal service with careful planning, craftsmanship and management, our professional team outperforms all our competition.  This is the very foundation upon which Constructomics, LLC is built.

The vision, talent, and experience of a full complement of experts and specialists are the cornerstones from which Constructomics breeds its success.  Our collective minds are dedicated to bringing a holistic approach to all aspects of any project culminating with direct Principals involvement on every project.

Whatever the assignment, we’ve “been there before” allowing us to bring the wealth of our experience to every new assignment.  Whatever it is; this dedication is inherent in the planning, the management and the attention to detail, but beyond that it is the comprehensive approach that permeates every layer of our organization, constantly striving for improvement.  This ensures that the client’s goals for schedule, budget and quality are always achieved.  Our pledge is intrinsic to our record of growth and history of success.  This assurance is realized in client satisfaction, above and beyond all expectation.
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